Course Description

In use online by 3000 Students across the UK.

This course helps 13-25 year olds understand the Value and Power of Soft Skills and helps them get a job.

It will:

* Help them develop a thoughtful understanding and vocabulary around Soft Skills and workplace requirements.

* Help them interview online for job interviews.

* Guide young people into the world of work.  

* Help young people to understand Employer perspectives.

* Provide advice from Elders/those with successful careers.

* Highlight common mistakes made by younger people entering the workplace for the first time.

* Support young people with key Soft and Life Skills and show the do's and don'ts for when at work/interviewing.

* Help young people prepare for traineeships, interviews, placements, apprenticeships, and being at work.

* Give young people subjects they can talk to Employers about to help them build rapport.

* Support and build young people's confidence.

Soft Skills for working during an Infection Outbreak (Ebola case study).

"This is a well-produced resource.  

The real-life scenarios have an instant connect."  

Stephanie, Careers Advisor.  

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The online real-life authentic stories course takes between 1 - 3 hours to complete in one go, or can be drip fed into academic subjects throughout the year, used at home in summer, and in home work and self-guided learning.  

"A well-designed course that provides valuable insights, I'd recommend this for students and young adults looking for employment. Soft skills are too often overlooked and in most cases, it's what prevents people from getting employed."

Tom , Student.


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Request more information or access to the course by emailing us at 

Sharing Perspectives, Supporting Productivity.

Soft Skills Britain (Online Course)

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Soft Skills Britain - Are you ready for the Workplace?

    • Exercises 1 - 2 - What does the term 'Soft Skills' mean to you?

    • Your Note Taking Form.

    • Watch An Employer's Perspective.

    • First Impressions - Molly's story.

    • Are you Social Media Savvy? Raf's story.

    • Attention to Detail - Abdi's story.

    • The Rules of Engagement - Jon's story.

    • The Dangers of Technology and Raf's Opportunity.

    • Exercises 3 - 8 - What does the term 'Soft Skills' mean to you now?

    • Congratulations!